Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Play With Your Food

Suprise dinner is a special term in our house. Basically when we don't have an exact dinner plan, I go to work and see what kind of an interesting concocotion I can make. These are just a few of the examples. Usually the kids eat it all up and it's a nice way to get them to eat some stuff they might not always go for.

Faces are the best. In fact, all of these plates are different versions of faces. I guess I need to break of the routine, but I'm not getting any complaints.

Elephant time with yogurt, bananas, pb&j, big raisins (prunes) and colby jack hair.

Pancakes offer up the easiest foundation to dress up. Nutella, whipped cream and M&M's. No kids were complaining about this breakfast.

This was a Laynie special. She loved the pretzel stick cheese bites and the bagel makes great eyes.

So go play with your food - I'm pretty sure your kids will be happy that you did.


  1. Great ideas!!!! I'll have to try these on Seth--he doesn't eat anything. ugh!

  2. I'm gonna send my kids over for dinner tomorrow! They'd love it!